1994 : Michael Mehl : Corny Rap Music Video : Cornyation 1994 : San Antonio TX

Cornyation is an annual program of staged, theatrical parodies of social and political current events, that takes place every April, during Fiesta San Antonio.

In late 1993 I composed the music and lyrics for the Corny Rap Music Video and the Cornyation Overture, both of which would play at the beginning of the 1994 Cornyation (and several subsequent Cornyation performances).

In early 1994, I recorded the music at Emerald Studios, and produced and directed the Corny Rap Music Video at Maverick Studios, both in San Antonio, TX.

The Corny Rap Music Video features Jesse Borrego as the main performer and singer, and a cast of crazies from the Cornyation roster as chorus line performers.

See Corny Rap Music Video

Below, Michael Mehl with the main cast & crew of the Corny Rap Music Video.

Below, Jesse Borrego with part of the Corny Rap Music Video cast.

Below, The Director at work.

Below, Michael Mehl at Emerald Studios with Curt Slangal, Ray Chavez, Jesse Borrego, and audio engineer Jaime Lagueruela.

Below is a segment of the 1994 Cornyation program.

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