1999 : Michael Mehl – Curator : Art2KpaSA? – A Millenial Survey Exhibit : Airport Art Spaces – San Antonio International Airport : San Antonio TX

At the request of the City of San Antonio’s Design Enhancement Program, I created and developed the Airport Art Spaces exhibitions program, designed the galleries, and curated, produced and promoted the exhibits for the City of San Antonio Aviation Department from 1995 to 2005.

With the impending advent of the year 2000, and all the supposed Y2K implications: computer glitches and electronic malfunctions, social upheavals and economic disruption; I curated an exhibit of local visual artists, all of whom would interpret the wide variety of Y2K narratives.

The result was Art2KpaSA? – A Millenial Survey By San Antonio Artists, an exhibit of millennial interpretations by 36 San Antonio Artists, which was on display at the San Antonio Airport Art Spaces.

Below are the promotional postcard and title board for the Art2KpaSA? exhibit.

1999_Art2KPasa?-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces 1999_Art2KPasa?-Exhibit-Sign_Airport-Art-Spaces

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