1999 : Michael Mehl : Flights Of Fancy Exhibit : San Antonio Airport Art Spaces & Denver International Airport

I initiated and developed the exhibitions program, designed the galleries, and curated produced and promoted the exhibits for the City of San Antonio Aviation Department’s Airport Art Spaces from 1995 to 2005.

In early 1999, after trying unsuccessfully to find local artists willing to put together a body of work about flight for the Airport Art Spaces, I decided to create an ad-hoc series of my own, applying digital compositing technology to make collages from 19th century illustrations.

The result was FLIGHTS OF FANCY – Fantastic Tales From The Lore Of Flight, a series of 26 whimsical narratives on the lore of flight.

The exhibit was displayed at the San Antonio Airport Art Spaces, and at the temporary exhibit gallery of the Denver International Airport. The original prints are in the permanent collection of the City of San Antonio Aviation Department.

Below are the promotional card and title boards for the Flights Of Fancy exhibit at the San Antonio Airport Art Spaces.

1999_Michael-Mehl_Flights-Of-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces1999_Michael-Mehl_Flights-Of-Fancy-Sign_Airport Art Spaces

Below are photographs of the FLIGHTS OF FANCY exhibit at the San Antonio Airport Art Spaces.



1999_Flights-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces_03 1999_Flights-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces_04 1999_Flights-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces_05 1999_Flights-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces_06 1999_Flights-Fancy-Exhibit_Airport-Art-Spaces_07Below are photographs of the FLIGHTS OF FANCY exhibit at the Denver International Airport.
2000_Flights-Of-Fancy-Exhibit_DIA_01 2000_Flights-Of-Fancy-Exhibit_DIA_02

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