1999 : Michael Mehl : The Allegory Series Exhibit : Foto Real Gallery : San Antonio TX

In 1999, I exhibited The Allegory Series, a suite of allegorical digital composites I had started in 1995. Even though I had shown some of the images in prior group exhibits, the complete series was finally presented at Foto Real Gallery as part of that year’s SAFOTO San Antonio Photography Festival.

Special note in my capacity as Festival Director for FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO: From 1995 to 2001 we alternated the festival’s name each year, using FOTOSEPTIEMBRE in the even number years, and SAFOTO in the odd number years. Even though there was a reason to this, it became cumbersome and confusing. In 2002, as we initiated the Trademark Registration process, we merged both names into FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO, which is now the official name of the festival).

Below is the promotional card for the Allegory Series exhibit, and further below are photographs of the Allegory Series exhibit at Foto Real.


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