2001 : Michael Mehl & Ann Kinser : COSAS Catalog Of On-Site Artist Services : City Of San Antonio : San Antonio TX

Early in 2000 we were asked by the City of San Antonio Public Art & Design Enhancement Program, which was then part of the City of San Antonio Public Works Department, to create a web site and catalog of qualified San Antonio artists and artisans with experience in public art or built-environment commissions; as a resource for builders, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, developers, and homeowners.

The City of San Antonio Catalog Of On-Site Artists Services web site, catalog, and promotional materials were completed and presented to San Antonio City officials and the public early in 2001.

COSAS – Catalog Of On-Site Artist Services Logo

COSAS – Catalog Of On-Site Artist Services Web Site Sample Pages
2001_COSAS_Web-Page_01 2001_COSAS_Web-Page_02 2001_COSAS_Web-Page_03 2001_COSAS_Web-Page_04 2001_COSAS_Web-Page_05

Design Enhancement Program Web Site Home Page

COSAS – Catalog Of On-Site Artist Services Binder Cover

COSAS – Catalog Of On-Site Artist Services Promotional Postcard
2001_COSAS_Postcard_01 2001_COSAS_Postcard_02

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