2004 : Michael Mehl – Curator : Facing The Music Exhibit By Clive Amor & Polly Harrison : FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA – Airport Art Spaces : San Antonio TX

At the request of the City of San Antonio’s Design Enhancement Program, I created and developed the Airport Art Spaces exhibitions program, designed the galleries, and curated, produced and promoted the exhibits for the City of San Antonio Aviation Department from 1995 to 2005.

Below is the title board for the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA 2004 Facing The Music exhibit by photographer/musicians Clive Amor and Polly Harrison in the Terminal 1 Gallery.

Clive Amor was a violinist with the San Antonio Symphony and a teacher. He died just a few weeks before the opening of the exhibit. Polly Harrison is a well-known jazz guitarist who regularly performs with her group, Small World.

2004_FOTOSEPTIEMBREUSA-Exhibit_Airport Art Spaces

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