2004 : Michael Mehl & Ann Kinser : La Danza Macabra – La Muerte Es Pareja Exhibit : Centro Aztlan : San Antonio TX

Ann Kinser and I worked together to create La Danza Macabra, a triptych for the La Muerte Es Pareja exhibit at Centro Aztlán. The exhibit was part of the 2004 Dia De Los Muertos festival, itself a part of the Fall Art Festivals.

Since it was an election year, our triptych –digital collages I made of drawings by Ann and illustrations by José Guadalupe Posada– humorously illustrated the political dance between Republicans and Democrats vying for the presidency.

Below are the triptych images and the promotional card for the La Danza Macabra exhibit.

La Danza Macabra 1

La Danza Macabra 2

La Danza Macabra 3

Promotional Card

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