2005 : Michael Mehl & Ann Kinser : Creative Industry Economic Impact Report – City Of San Antonio : San Antonio TX

Early in 2005, the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs asked us to design and produce a booklet for San Antonio’s first Creative Industry Economic Impact Report.

This was a significant milestone for the city, and was the result of several years of strategic and political initiatives implemented by the Office of Cultural Affairs, to bring to light the significance of the breadth and depth of all economic activity derived from San Antonio’s creative industries.

Below are the pages for the 2005 Creative Industry Economic Impact Report.

2005_Economic-Impact_01 2005_Economic-Impact_02 2005_Economic-Impact_03 2005_Economic-Impact_04 2005_Economic-Impact_05 2005_Economic-Impact_06 2005_Economic-Impact_07 2005_Economic-Impact_08 2005_Economic-Impact_09 2005_Economic-Impact_10 2005_Economic-Impact_11 2005_Economic-Impact_12

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