2015 : Michael Mehl & Ann Kinser – Producers/Sponsors : Ray Fitzgerald – Cowboy Poetry : Briscoe Museum Of Western Art : San Antonio, TX


Ray Fitzgerald – Cowboy Poetry
210 West Gallery Talks

Briscoe Museum of Western Art
210 West Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 299-4499

Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 6:30 pm

Ray Fitzgerald is unique among cowboy poets in that he actually is a working cowboy, and has been one most of his life. He also rode many years along the Mexico-US border as an agent of the US Border Patrol.

In Ray’s words: I was born and raised on a little family cow outfit in eastern Oregon. We were too poor to pay attention, but we didn’t know it. We ate good and rode good horses. I spent a hitch in the US Marine Corps and one in the US Border Patrol. The rest of the time I have been a horseback man in Oregon, Arizona and Texas. My outfit and horse handlin’ are still pretty much Oregon Buckaroo, but I’ve become sort of a mongrel otherwise. I’m not a poet, just an old buckaroo who likes to share my thoughts and experiences with other folks.

Ray currently lives in Van Horn, TX, and is a regular on the Cowboy Poetry circuit that runs between Sul Ross State University in Alpine, TX, and Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ, the two most significant Cowboy Poetry events in the Southwest.

You can purchase a copy of Ray Fitzgerald’s book Range Poems (1995, Morris Publishing, Kearny NE), at the Briscoe Museum gift shop, or by contacting Ray Fitzgerald, PO Box 337, Van Horn, TX 79855, (432) 283-2861.

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