Jerry Craft : 1934 – 2013 : In Memoriam


• Jerry Craft Obituary (Link to San Antonio Express News).

• Jerry Craft Obituary (PDF).

• Jerry Craft Obituary Text

Jerry Craft, age 79, dear friend to all who knew him and cherished by many whose lives he touched, died quietly in his home Wednesday after a short and courageous battle with cancer. Jerry was born January 6, 1934, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to Mel C. and Octavia Odom Craft, who Jerry considered to be his “most trusted friends” throughout their lives. Jerry and his brother Mel Jr., were raised by their two loving parents who had a lasting influence on their lives. Jerry attended University of Southern Mississippi where he enjoyed an active college life serving as class officer several years and holding leadership roles in fraternities and campus organizations. He was selected as “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”. Moving to San Antonio in 1962, Jerry became the merchandise executive and Asian-European product development manager with Joske’s of Texas and Dillard Department Stores. After 32 years of service in retail, he retired. In his “retirement”, he became owner of Schnabel’s Hardware Store in Olmos Park for 18 years. Being a resident of San Antonio for the over 50 years, Jerry brought his time and talents to many civic and cultural organizations: he served on the San Antonio Opera Board; served as president of Alamo City Men’s Chorale; president of Olmos Park Business Association; board member of the Monte Vista Historical Association; resident of Monte Vista on Summit Avenue for 30 years and resident of the Mayfair Condominiums for the last 11 years. Retired for the last 20 years, he continued to spend his time supporting civic groups and enjoyed attending the many cultural events which were close to his heart. He loved to travel and traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe with close friends. Jerry was preceded in death by his mother and father, Mel C. Craft and Octavia Odom Craft, and his brother Mel C. Craft, Jr. He is survived by his niece, Rebecca Craft of Nicholson, Mississippi; and his friends of a life-time, Tom Karam and Jeffrey Dyer. Growing up in a small southern town, Jerry was always a true southern gentleman. Thanks to Amanda, Lori and Kim at Remington Medical Resort, and Rebecca, Obianna and Kisha with Avionn Home Health Care for their love and attention to Jerry He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

In lieu of flowers please make donations to: CANCER THERAPY AND RESEARCH CENTER, Office of Development, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229, Notation: MC7835 for Jerry Craft; and CONSPIRARE, 505 East Huntland Drive, Suite 155, Austin, Texas 78752, or a charity of your choice .

• Click on this link to listen to Jerry’s answering machine recording. 

• Memorial Service (July 31, 2013).
Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_00 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_01 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_02 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_03 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_04 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_05 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_06 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_07 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_08 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_09 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_10 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_11 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_12 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_13 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_14 Jerry-Craft_Memorial-Service_15

Jerry-Craft_Mass Jerry-Craft-Mass_01 Jerry-Craft-Mass_02 Jerry-Craft-Mass_03 Jerry-Craft-Mass_04 Jerry-Craft-Mass_05 Jerry-Craft-Mass_06 Jerry-Craft-Mass_07 Jerry-Craft-Mass_08 Jerry-Craft-Mass_09

Jerry-Craft_Celebration_00 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_01 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_02 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_03 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_04 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_05 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_06 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_07 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_08 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_09 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_10 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_11 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_12 Jerry-Craft_Celebration_13

• Windansea Sunsets.Jerry-Craft_1934-2013_In-Memoriam

 • At The Mayfair (July, 2013).

• A good day at The Remington (April, 2013).

• Thoughtful even with brain surgery on the horizon (March, 2013).

• Last Chinese dinner (February, 2013).

• Blowing candles on the Birthday Rocks (January, 2013).

• King Jerry by Al Rendon (Kings Day, 2012).

• Jerry Craft 2012 birthday song (January, 2012).
• Celebrating birthdays with Karen and the JC Crew (January, 2011).

• With Veronica and Rebecca at an exhibit opening (April, 2011).

• Fiesta hats with Garnett and Tim (April, 2011).

• Birthday celebration dinner at Piatti (October, 2011).

• Halloween (October, 2011).

• Happy and enchanted in Sedona (October, 2010).

• Letting loose at the Jerome Grand Hotel and The Asylum Restaurant (October, 2010).
Jerome-Grand-Hotel_2010 Jerome-The-Asylum_2010
• Mister Quack during a prior hospital visit (April, 2009).

• With Jack and Janet (April, 2009).

• JC & Crew doing what Texans do, Gangsta Style… (April, 2009).
Jerry-&-Crew_At-The-Gun-Range_01_2009 Jerry-&-Crew_At-The-Gun-Range_02_2009

• Letting loose at Scripps Park in La Jolla (April, 2007).

• Jeffery’s Birthday with Ken & Paul (April, 2007).

• After Jeffrey’s birthday dinner at Roponggi (April, 2007).

• Sunset at Villa La Jolla (April, 2007).

• Drama at The Huntington Gardens (April, 2007).

• Letting loose at The Huntington Gardens (April, 2007).

• The Cove Walk, one of Jerry’s favorite places (April, 2007).

• One of Jerry’s favorite views (April, 2007).

• Pacific Beach, San Diego (July, 2005).

• Soledad Mountain, La Jolla (July, 2005).

• Eppur Si Muove…


Jerry Craft : 1934 – 2013 : In Memoriam — 13 Comments

  1. Loved the passion Jerry has for beautiful things and places. What an interesting man with so many adventures and interest. We will miss him very much.

  2. A man of knowledge, aesthetics, friendship, travel, and fun! Jerry lived life con gusto! He will be remembered!

  3. Jerry was a wonderful man, with a loving heart. His positive nature and willingness to make everything and everyone around him just a little bit better, will be missed. Rest in peace my friend.

  4. Jerry’s joy for life, telling a story and sharp wit will be missed greatly. I hope he’s managing property at the “big treehouse” and will save me a seat at the party…. Not many people are able to hit the ball out of the park the way he did. What a life!

  5. Michael….Anne….how beautiful of a job you did! I just love the fact I can hear his voice…..I remember when he moved there…..We all just laughed when we heard that…..He loved his Tree House! Thank you so much!

    Uncle Jerry…..I am a bit jealous that you have ALL the family…..when my day comes…what a FUN time we will all have!!! Please let each one…Gammy, Papaw, Mom, and My Daddy know how much I love them. I Love You!

  6. Michael, Lovely memories of Jerry, he loved being with folks and sharing in all the fun, and most of all adding to things with his spirit. Thanks, Ron Walsh

  7. Thank you for interrupting the sadness with profound joy! A great reminder of his amazing life that he chose to share with us.

  8. Iloved all the photos–so Jerry!! I did not need to listen to the message, it is in my memory and my heart. He enjoyed life so much and thus made us all enjoy it more.

  9. Jerry was an amazing person and did so much to make San Antonio a better place to live. He will be greatly missed.

  10. Jerry was with me on this trip that he was supposed to make. He would have loved all of Norway with the beautiful fjords and majestic mountains, the Shetland Islands, west coast of Scotland, the east coast of Ireland, and ending with wonderful Amsterdam. Thanks, Jerry, for traveling with Bud and me so many great miles for these many years. Love to you, Bud and Chet.

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