What many of us expected has finally come to pass: A Latino “Philanthropist and Businessman” from San Antonio has finally climbed his way onto the national stage.

For what it means in terms of civil rights, congratulations are in order.

For what it’s really worth, consider this:

• A philanthropist is someone who uses his/her own money to further a cause. Using someone else’s money for a cause is not philanthropy, it’s at best brokering. Using someone else’s money and taking credit for it is, well, fraud.

• It’s hard to determine anyone’s business acumen when business is procured via political favors. But when so many public endeavors are engaged only for personal/social/political gain –and are all eventually run into the ground– it is negligent not to question business credentials and qualifications.

• What is easier to determine is character –the thinness thereof– especially when someone exhibits a pattern of shirking responsibilities, walking away from promises and commitments without a hitch, cutting losses –though always someone else’s losses– while pointing fingers at the incompetence and mismanagement of others.

Human nature being what it is, none of this is new or surprising. Yet, as much as a well-articulated, intelligent wile deserves respect and admiration, what does surprise is how much someone can get away with, wielding half-baked, substandard wiles.

As some of you may eventually, hopefully, get to see through the smoke and mirrors, please don’t point your fingers our way. Keep in mind that many of us in San Antonio have known all along that, in our own little twisted hometown fable, the emperor has way too many clothes, and we know how he pays for them.

It’s always third-party money.

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