2003 : Michael Mehl : State Of The Art With Michael Mehl TV Show : KLRN TV : San Antonio TX

2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Intro-Graphic_SmallI hosted and produced State Of The Art With Michael Mehl, a TV show about art and culture, and their social and economic impact in San Antonio. The show, which aired on KLRN TV (South Texas Regional PBS Station), was based on an eponymous column I had written during several years, for the magazine Voices Of Art.

Dagoberto Patlán was my Associate/Technical Producer, editor, energizer bunny, and buddy support system. The studio and field crew were KLRN Production Staff, and Charles Vaughn was Executive Producer.

We first produced two pilot episodes in 2002, one about Día de los Muertos, and another about the artist-driven revitalization of the corner of South Flores and Lone Star, just south of downtown San Antonio. We soon found our footing and our voice and embarked on a regular production and promotional schedule for 2003.

With impending structural changes at KLRN, Dagoberto and I decided not continue the show after 2003.

A selection of ads for State Of The Art With Michael Mehl are featured below, and further below are photographs from the studio set and live set-ups featuring some of the shows interviewees.

2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Economic-Impact-Ad 2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Cultural-Travel-Ad 2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_James-Cobb-Ad 2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Arts-Funding-Ad 2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Computer-Animation-Ad 2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Accordion-Festival-Ad


2003_State-Of-The-Art-With-Michael-Mehl_Economic-Impact-ShowState Of The Art With Michael Mehl, Economic Impact Show featuring Felix Padrón and Ramiro Cavazos.

State Of The Art With Michael Mehl, Cultural Travel Show featuring Henry Feldman and Frances Ortíz Schultschick.

State Of The Art With Michael Mehl, Artists As Activists Show featuring Naomi Shihab Nye and Jon Thompson, here with Associate Producer Dagoberto Patlán.

State Of The Art With Michael Mehl, Finding Ways Conference Show, featuring Economist Dr. Richard Florida and others.

State Of The Art With Michael Mehl, Arts Funding Show featuring Diana Roberts and Eduardo Díaz. Also shown are Dagoberto Patlán, Associate Producer; KLRN production staff; and Antonio Cisneros, filmmaker.

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